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Complete Restorations:

All services listed below, performed by the same shop. Meaning the same vision is kept throughout the build. For us, our quality of paint doesn't end with the exterior. Frames, suspensions, and drivetrains are painted to match. This includes Restomod, Pro Touring, "Original", or any blend of the 3. From "show winner" to "show stopper".

Paint Refinishing:

Custom paint, or back the original color. To insure quality, rather than going over previous work and coatings, the car will be striped down to bare metal. Then it will be coated with epoxy before repairs begin.


While we do specialize in custom leather interiors, we also offer "original" upholstery, as well as dash and trim restoration. Sound deadening/insulation is applied behind all panels and under carpeting.

Metal Fabrication/Rust Repair:

Whether it be modifying existing panels, or building from scratch, we can bring your vision to reality. Any rusted panel can be replaced. If a replacement isn't available, one can be fabricated in its place.

Frames and Suspension:

We offer a full line of suspension services from rebuilding factory systems to upgrading to modern systems such as rack and pinions or 4 links with tubular arms and adjustable coilovers, Including any frame modifications necessary for the install.


We offer engine, transmission, and differential rebuilding. Stock or high performance configuration. We do engine and transmission swaps, be it upgrading to a modern fuel injected engine, or simply increasing engine size.

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