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1967 Chevrolet Camaro

1967 SS/RS 350 Camaro. The customer has owned this car since the 80's, and only recently quit driving the car before it was brought to us. After the carburetor gave him some troubles, and decided to do a complete restoration while the car was down. Due to being driven regularly, the car had minimal rust, meaning nearly no metalwork was needed.

Other than a partial trunk enclosure, and leather seats, we kept an original feel with only mild touches of custom, including Dakota Digital VHX gauges.

Giving new life to the 350 from the car, is dome top pistons, balanced rotating assembly, "Double Hump" recreation cylinder heads, Lunati camshaft with roller rockers, Holley dual plane aluminum intake, and throttle body fuel injection. We rebuilt the Muncie M21 4 speed to send the power to the GM 12-bolt rear end set up with 3.42 gears and posi-traction supported with a RideTech 4-link.

The original blue was chosen for this car, Marina Blue, but the stripe was painted with a pearl white in the place of the original solid variant.

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