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Operating Procedures

We encourage customers to check the progress of their build. However, to keep projects progressing as efficiently as possible, we have set aside Hours of Visitation on Saturdays from 7:00 – 12:00 in an effort to prevent a high number of production interruptions throughout the work week. So that we may try to give you our undivided attention during your visit, we request visitation be scheduled in advance.

Phone Calls

In order to keep our/your costs down we do not have a secretary. To keep productivity flowing, we ask you leave a voicemail when we are not in a position to answer. Voicemails and text messages will be checked multiple times throughout the day and responded to accordingly.


Your project is 40+ years old and has seen its share of life. Potentially we find poorly done, well-hidden repairs. Many areas are not visible until the vehicle is disassembled and the coatings are stripped. We use our experience with previous projects to build an estimate, but in some cases an exact cost cannot be given at the beginning of the project. Unforeseen damage will be photo documented, and the customer will be notified of any additional costs.


We are not a high production body shop. In addition to not giving exact estimates, we cannot be given a deadline; we can only give an estimated timeline. Unforeseen damage, as well as our current workload, can change timelines as the project progresses.

    Auto restoration is an art, not a science. TV shows, social media, and internet “reality” drastically downplay the time, cost, and effort a quality restoration truly entails. During the painting process, the vehicle will be coated with several various metal treatments, fillers, primers, sealers, and paints. Each of these requires ample time to cure and go through a shrinking process. The majority of our body work is done with hammer and dolly and finished by hand, using various shaped blocks to ensure straight panels and crisp body lines. These are very tedious and time consuming procedures and we will not, under any circumstances, rush this process. Our number one priority is the quality of our work. To achieve the best product we can, the vehicle will not be “finished” until we are completely satisfied.


Before work begins a small deposit will be required and the customer will be billed via mail or email weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the size of the project. Each statement will include a detailed work order with time spent and parts used. Failure to pay in a timely manner will stop production on the vehicle and could result in a change to the vehicles placement in our schedule. No warranty will be given on parts not purchased through 3D Auto Restoration.

Let’s work together to make your build enjoyable for both of us.

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