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Here at 3D Classic Auto Restoration, we are not a high production body shop. Our top priority is not to get the car out as fast as possible and move on to the next, but rather spend the necessary time to produce the best work possible. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and try to surpass your expectations. We do so through our use of top quality materials, our pride in our work and our love of classic cars. Every project starts with a customer's vision of their car, and we look forward to bringing your vision to life.

3-D Classic Auto Restoration gets its name from the 3 generations of the Davis family to repair and restore classics cars. This has given us decades of experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure the highest craftsmanship possible goes into every job to produce the finest finished product available. We are a complete restoration shop. All work performed is done in-house by our staff eliminating the need to use several shops to complete a project. If you are looking for a high-quality, one of a kind restoration let us put our passion and skills to work for you.


BJ Davis worked at Ingalls as an electrician and supplemented his income by taking a second job as a mechanic. He bought property in Vancleave with a couple houses and horse barns and moved his family. One of those horse barns was just big enough to transform into a "shop" and take on some mechanic work on the weekends with the help of his son, Robert, who was just a little boy at the time. At the age of 13, Robert found he had the opportunity to build his first car with his father, a 1966 Ford Mustang, using the tools and knowledge he gained working in that old horse barn. This experience sparked a love of cars in that young man.

Robert Davis finished high school and planned to follow in his father's footsteps at Ingalls, however, while waiting for an electrician apprenticeship position to open he took a full-time job as an automotive technician. As he discovered doing what he loved could be his profession Robert decided to dig in. While working at this profession, as well as on the weekends with his father, he also furthered his education in mechanics to achieve ASE Certified Master Technician status. In addition to the Master Technician certification, Robert earned 2 advanced level ASE certifications, one in Engine Performance and the other for Under Car Specialist. It was during this journey he became a father to his own son, Billy. While working with his father at the "shop" on weekends, Robert shared his love of cars with Billy as early as the toddler years. The entrepreneur bug bit, and Robert was able to build a 3,400 sq ft shop to house his tools, car lifts, office, paint booth, and all the necessities used in the art of classic car restoration. Robert would bring Billy in to work nights and weekends building his own first car, a 1969 Ford Mustang. This 3-generation build passed on the love of cars almost genetically.

Billy Davis was chosen to participate in the automotive program through the Vo-Tech at his high school. Through this program he was given the opportunity to go to competition through the state of Mississippi and Ford Motor Company and placed #1 in both. Through his show of excellence in the automotive program, Billy was awarded scholarships to WYOTech and Ford sponsored schools. After graduating, he dove right in to the business with Robert and they formed a partnership. Billy has excelled remarkably as a partner in metal fabrication and welding, paint and body, and custom upholstery.

Through this journey we would be remiss if we failed to mention the help our life-long friendships have provided us since the beginning. Danny Stringer, for the tireless weekends and nights he puts in to get body work, paint finishing, welding and fabrication, and assembly done to make what we do possible. Mark Slovinsky, a GM and ASE certified automobile technician, who puts his mechanical knowledge to work with us on weekends.

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